#A042 Virgin of Rosary all in metal


In October 1872, Bartolo Longo, a lawyer from Latiano, Italy, went to Pompeii to solve administrative matters related to the countess Marianna De Fusce. In those days, the Pompeii valley was an unhappy place, full of bandits and diseases. Bartolo sought to improve the social conditions of the population, but also for its spiritual enrichment, and the rosary was his main tool. In the fight against poverty, discrimination and crimes, the rosary was an instrument of spiritual strength for him. On November 13, 1875, Sister Concetta Delital gave him a gift in the form of the image of Our Lady of the Rosary, which the lawyer made his symbol and on 8 May 1876 laid the foundation stone for the church at her request. In time, he attracted many pilgrims to the city, and within it began activities to help young girls, orphans, abandoned children and prisoners. Bartolo Longo was beatified on October 26, 1980. The main assumptions of his thought were faith and mercy as the basis of peace. His holiday is celebrated on May 8.