#A124 La Salette Virgin

Size  17x21cm

The Mother of God appeared on the one and only occasion of September 19, 1846 to two shepherds: 15-year-old Melania Calvat and 11-year-old Maksymin Giraud on a mountain rising above La Salette, in the high Alps in France.
According to the children’s accounts, she was a woman of extraordinary beauty sitting inside a bright sphere. Initially, she had her face covered, and her elbows rested on her knees and she cried. On her breast was a cross with Jesus Christ with tools of torment placed on it: a hammer and pliers. From the cross radiated the extraordinary brightness surrounding Mary.

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On September 19, 1846, Maximin Giraud and Melanie Calvat reported seeing the Virgin Mary on Mount Sous-Les Baisses, weeping bitterly. According to their account, she continued to weep even as she spoke to them. After speaking, the apparition vanished. The following day the children's account of the apparition was put into writing and signed by the visionaries and those who had heard the story.