#A033 St. Nicholas Worker of Miracles


Among the thousands of saints of the Orthodox Church, this bishop is most often depicted in painting. Usually his bust appears with the book in his left hand and with a gesture of blessing with his right hand. Jesus (left) and Maria (right) are shown above his arms. Legend has it that Maria and Jesus took part in the ordination of the bishop, hence their performances visible on the icon. Maria hands him a pallium and Jesus gives the gospel. His tunic presents the scenes of the Annunciation, Christmas and Visitation, as well as the Crucifixions in its central part. Evangelists and angels accompany them. In the third and fourth centuries, Saint. Nicholas was a bishop in the city of Mira located in Asia Minor (today's Turkey), known for his charity. Even during his lifetime he was considered a patron of children, travelers and the poor. In the case of serious requests, people often turned not directly to God but to Saint. Nicholas.